Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thoughts: Toxic Food

Today I need to vent. I am totally fed up with the snivelling and whining going on about food in general. What set me off was a web page that was all about how your kitchen cookware is full of toxins and will kill you.
Then there's the organics. These people are convinced that if your food didn't come from an heirloom seed grown in a chemical free environment tended by a virgin who prays to an earth godess, it's full of toxins and will kill you.
Not to be left out are the vegetarians and vegans who won't eat anything that ever had a face. If it is, was, or came out of an animal, it is bad and will kill you.
And there's the crowd who can't eat anything that's been cooked because cooking changes the molecular structure of foods and if you eat it you will die because the human body evolved eating only raw stuff.
There's also the anti-GMO crowd that has a big push on to do away with any seed that has ever been studied by science. News flash, people have been modifying their food sources since they discovered they were edible. Now instead of taking generation upon generation, it can be accomplished in a lab in relatively short order. But today if you eat it you will die.
So today it's our cookware, it's leaching toxins into our food and it WILL kill you.
Long and short of it is this: WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! We don't live forever. Never have so far in the whole history of mankind. At some point in time your life on earth will be done. But how do we know this is true? It's not on the LABEL! In fact there is NO LABEL! Life doesn't come with a label and instructions, we are left to muddle through as best we can.
Oh the label worshippers! They need to know so much that soon the labels will out weigh the product.
This is nutrition information for grapes. Now you have to decipher the bar code to find out where they are from. Label worshippers would like to know the exact cultivar, name of the farm, farming method, and a farm employee list complete with social media passwords so that they can troll for fruit pickers with less than stellar cleanliness habits. My grapes come with big red label telling me that they are a product of Chile. I bring them home, rinse them off and eat them. And I'm still here!
If you're totally concerned about the toxins though, I'd recommend giving up meat, fruits, vegetables, grains, all dairy, anything processed, most water and get an air scrubber to keep yourself occupied in your sterile plastic bubble. Otherwise, I'm going to make a chemically unsound cake using some unidentified ground wheat, processed sugar and some butter from a cow I can't trace and eggs from an unknown chicken who lives in a small cage. And on top of that I'm going to destroy it's molecular structure by baking it in a metal leaching pan. Come on over and have a piece, I'll put on a pot of not fair trade coffee!

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