Monday, April 8, 2013

What's for dinner? Cheater Enchiladas

I don't always have all day to play around in the kitchen, especially on those days when  I've been outside all day with the camera. This is one of my favorite quickie winter time meals.

 I can make every thing on here from scratch (even the corn tortillas), but this is how I do it when I'm busy with other things. I'm sure that as this blog progresses, you'll see those recipes.
And just a note, I don't try to follow any particular diet, so if you're vegetarian, vegan, fat free, gluten free, sugar free, all organic, low salt, no salt, anti GMO, unprocessed, raw food, distilled water, ionized water, grapefruit with every meal, you're going to be disappointed with this blog. The rest of you can probably make the modifications you need to make to make any of these recipes and ideas your own!

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